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Sunday Gatherings

Sundays @ 9:00am – Waldo Baptist Church

Our core gatherings are Sunday mornings at 9:00am.  Come a little early for the lite refreashments and fellowship.

We currently have two Worship Services on Sunday mornings:  1st Service @ 8AM (mask required) and 2nd Service @ 10AM (mask optional).


Gospel Foundations – Current Study

Sunday Mornings – 9AM or follow along online.

Gospel Foundations are studies designed to point adults to the gospel of Jesus Christ through weekly group Bible studies that show how God’s plan of redemption unfolds throughout Scripture.  If you are new to Christianity, this is a great place to begin your journey.  Online Study.


Dave Crowder

Rescheduled For Sunday, August 2nd @ 6:00pm
Carson Center Paducah, KY

Contact Bro. David to sign up for ticket list.  Ticket price will be $18.     More Info.


Passion – 2021

Friday & Saturday, January 1 & 2nd
Atlanta, GA

Get the new year started off right with a trip to Passion 2021.  The cheapest Passion ticket is right now so purchase early.  Prices go up through out the year.  You get your ticket, and we will arrange your transportation and hotel.  More info.


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